The Real Thing

We have put together an authentic catalogue of indie music that represents the energy, personality and panache of this music and edited it into an instantly usable production music format. We don’t aspire to sound like the real thing - this is the real thing!

Working Indie Bands

All the tracks in our catalogue were recorded by working indie bands in recording studios with producers. None of our music is made to a template or computer-generated and we think you'll immediately hear the difference. Much of the music on offer has been playlisted on national radio in the UK on stations such as BBC 6 Music and XFM. The tracks are very much the music you’d hear on college radio in the USA or reviewed on Pitchfork.

Exclusive rights

All rights in our catalogue are owned exclusively by Indiesonics: all our tracks are pre-cleared worldwide and available for licence in exactly the same way and for the same cost as regular production music. A specialist production music team A&R the catalogue, selecting and compiling tracks based on their suitability for multi-purpose sync. All tracks can be found in standard production music formats ie main version, instrumental, 30 second edits and stings. Custom edits are available on request. Many of the bands we represent are also available to write custom tracks.

Character and Authenticity

Most sound supervisors and media producers choose to use indie music in their productions when they want to represent character and authenticity. Until now if you wanted production music that was pre-edited and easy to licence and also authentic, the choices just weren’t there. We are here to solve that problem and introduce some of the finest indie bands and producers in an easily licenceable and instantly usable format.